ELG Computer Care can build a computer to suit your needs.  By answering a few simple questions we can build a custom gaming or desktop computer specifically for you.

Your data is one of your most important assets.  One way to safeguard this asset is with quality, reliable backup solutions.  ELG Computer Care can help you find the backup solution that best fits your needs.

Looking for a way to contact you customers or promot your products. ELG Computer Care can help you with HTML e-mailing.

Your network is an integral part of your business.  Network problems can mean lowered productivity and money lost.  In the event of a problem you need a fast, reliable company to come to your aid.  ELG Computer Care can install, configure, and secure your wired or wireless networks.

In this age of advanced technology your child’s safety while on the internet has become increasingly important.  By providing the resources and know-how we can help your child have a safe and enjoyable internet experience while also providing you with peace of mind.

Has your computer seen better days?  Does it seem to take forever for your computer to turn on?  Or have you found that you are quickly running out of space on your hard drive?  Let ELG Computer Care make your computer run like new again by upgrading your hardware and/or software.

You computer is an investment and as such needs constant care.  It is always good to maintain a working Anti-virus, defragment your hard drive, and download the latest security updates for your operating system.  A little time spent taking care of your computer now can not only help prevent major problems in the future, but can also save you time and money.

Few things are more frustrating than when there is a problem with your computer.  Let ELG Computer Care solve your computer problems and get you back on track.

These days most of us keep sensitive and private information on our computers.  Like your bank account and social security numbers it is important to keep this information as secure as possible.  A firewall is one way to keep your information safe.  Firewalls alert you when an unauthorized person or program, such as a virus or spyware, attempt to send your sensitive information over the internet.

Whether it's for keeping track of your business, staying in touch with your social network or completing the next level of Candy Crush© you know how debilitating it can be when your cell phone or tablet quits working or the screen shatters.  We know how important it is that you get your phone repaired quikly, efficiently and affordably.  Let our staff getyou back on track.

Making sure you have the most up to date Anit-Virus software on your computer is vitaly important.  A virus on your computer is very much like catching a cold.  It can cause your computer to run more slowly or crash.  A virus can also be inadvertently passed to other friends and family through shared files or e-mails.  ELG Computer Care can help make sure your computer stays in tip top shape.

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We can replace your screen and get you back using your phone or tablet quickly.

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We can clean up and speed up your current computer so you don't have to buy an new machine.


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